GreenSpace786 facilitates socializing for eligible Muslim adults both inside AND outside the mosque environment

GreenSpace786 facilitates socializing for Muslim adults inside AND outside the mosque environment

We are based out of but independent of Shirley Gate rd Masjid (and all mistakes, errors, etc are ours and not the fault of the masjid)

 We meet regularly at private events limited to folks who are registered (see link below),  as well as at open public events.

The goal is for young adults Muslims to socialize and mingle in a healthy environment that is more aligned to their age appropriate interests and activities…

We do outside the Mosque type activities  most Saturdays (such as help at a feed the homeless event or go on a 8am hike for 90 minutes or have a group Panera / Wegmans  breakfast, or go as a group to visit the zoo / aquarium or attend a game as a group, etc) > FYI Most outside activities are inspired by group member suggestions and ease of logistics and self chaperoned

We do inside the Mosque type activities most Sunday morning from 10-12 where we a have themed discussions, watch  Islamic movies on Ushubtv, clean the mosque campus, landscaping mosque camps. we also venues such as the Diyanat Center,  AMAA cemetery,  or local Islamic events  etc

greenSpace397  gmail is our contact address

We pray for the success of this initiative and we pray that we be guided to stay on the right path as we undertake it

you join the group at